About the Project

talking dramaturgy is a three year research project focusing on dramaturgical practice in Scotland, led by Andy Edwards, a Glasgow-based artist, dramaturg and researcher.

This research orbits around three main questions:

  1. Who in Scotland is doing dramaturgy?
  2. What does “doing dramaturgy” mean to those people who are doing it?
  3. What uses does talking about dramaturgy have?

This research is primarily conducted through face-to-face interviews which are recorded, transcribed and then published to this website.

Year One of the project began in February 2016 and culminated in the August 2017 release of talking dramaturgy: a zine. This publication brought together interview extracts from the first year of interviewees alongside selected artwork and an editorial from Paul Hughes. For more information and to purchase this zine please see the publications link above.

Research from Year one of talking dramaturgy has been republished with The Theatre Times and the Dramaturgs’ Network

Year One participants:

Gareth Vile, Luke Pell, Anselm Heinrich, Alex Bird, Nelly Kelly, Ali-Anderson Dyer, Michael John O’Neill, Glenys McIntyre, Martin O’Connor, Lauren Moss, Will Naameh, Flavia D’Avila, Elliot Roberts, Shilpa T-Hyland, Rosie Kellagher, Alan McKendrick and Fiona Sturgeon Shea.

Year Two of the project began in December 2017 and is currently ongoing. If you are interested in talking dramaturgy with me then please get in touch.

edwards [dot] andrewneil [at] gmail [dot] com
+44 (0)7766 720479